Genuine Spur Shelving Brackets and Twinslot Wall Mounted Shelf Support Uprights are the basis of the Steel-Lok twin slot Shelving syetm.  Other products include decorative brackets and free standing adjustable shelf units

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Spur ® Shelving Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Shelving Systems

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Spur Shelving ®

The Spur ® range of brackets shelving systems is manufactured in Devon by Storage Solutions Ltd.

Spur Shelving is a brand that has been around since the 1950's and spent a period as a listed company on the AIM exchange in London before being aqcuired by McKechnie plc the company known as widget and co for it's diverse product range. Spur ceased manufacturing under the ownership of Newell the American conglomerate and that is where Storage Solutions stepped in initially acquiring all of the stock from the German operations and then the former Spur factory in Great Torrington, Devon in early 2007. Since that time the company has acquired the assets that had been dispersed and invested to rebuild and extend the Spur Shelving range.

Spur ® wall mounted steel-Lok shelving with brackets and twin slotted uprights, is the best known product in the range & one of the most respected systems in the shelving industry. The must have system for wall mounted cantilever shelves. The system uses wall mounted uprights, that have parallel slots that the spur brackets fit in to. The brackets give a strong support for steel or timber shelving of your choice.

Spur shelving systems are available in a number of colours; including frost white, office grey, matt silver, brown, blue & black. We are also able to supply bespoke RAL and BS coloured items to match your requirements subject to clean down and powder costs. We now makeSpur Shelving using much of the original equipment and tooling with many of the same staff.

In addition to Spur Steel-Lok one of our twin slot systems, we also have stocks of Spur aluminium T-slot cantilever and energy saving radiator brackets. Originally called "Budget" but actually a classy shelving product; T-slot is available in white, black and magnolia. In time these products will also be brought back into production as have many other products.

Production has also re-started making Wrought iron decorative brackets hanging basket brackets and other Spur brand products.

New ranges include the Spur rolled edge shelving system, Strongbeam Eland brackets , British Standard shelving and the Zamba industrial range.

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steel lok uprights

Spur Steel-Lok Shelving Uprights

Wall mounted slotted shelving uprights are available in 170 for single level applications 520, 710, 1000, 1500, 1980 and 2400mm lengths for all other applications. Slots for this system are on a 31.75mm We also make a Euroslot version at 32mm pitch. Most uprights in the UK are 31.75mm spacing.

Spur Steel-Lok Wall mounted uprights

spur steel lok brackets

Spur Brackets - Heavy Duty Steel-Lok

Shelf brackets are available in 145, 220, 270, 320, 365, 470 & 610mm lengths. 120 &170mm heritage sizes available to order.

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spur budget upright

Spur Budget Aluminium T-Slot Shelf Uprights

Wall mounted shelf uprights are available in 610, 920, 1220 and 1830mm lengths for all other applications.

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spur budget bracket

Spur Brackets - Budget / T-Slot Wall

Brackets are available in 200, 250 and 300mm lengths. While stock lasts.

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spur heavy duty brackets

Spur Steel-Lok Reinforced Brackets

Heavy duty brackets are available in 365, 470 and 610mm lengths.

Extra heavy duty shelf brackets

spur shelving spring rod book supports

Spring Rod Book Supports

Available in 150, 200 and 250mm lengths. These clip into the twin slot upright to give a solid fixing, preventing books and documents from sliding.

Sprig rod book supports and book ends

steel lok spur shelves

Wall Mounted Steel Shelves - New stronger design

Available 1000mm long for shelf depths 150, 220, 270, 320, 370, 470 and 610mm deep. Special manufactured shelf lengths are available under 1000mm long.

Steel shelves for wall mounted twinslot shelving

periodical magazine angle bracket

Spur Steel-Lok Presentation Brackets and Shelves

Designed to support steel or wooden shelves. Used for displaying periodicals, books and magazines

Spur magazine brackets and steel shelves

cabinet bracket

Spur Steel-Lok Accessory Support Brackets

Designed to support wall mounted cupboards, white boards, paneling and other accessories.

Library Shelving by Spur

spur shelving library shelf ends

Library Shelf Ends by Spur

Designed to support wooden shelves which may be independently adjusted using a single slot.

Available 150mm high x 150mm, 200mm, or 250mm deep.

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hanging basket bracket

Ornamental Shelf / Hanging Basket Brackets

Brackets available in 100, 150, 200 and 250mm lengths (all approximate)

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